About Me

About the City is a blog on the theme of Christianity and making things.

What sort of things? You know… things! Art, certainly, but also food and clothes, useful things and beautiful things, all forms of work that can be categorized as “creation.”

Plenty has been written on the subjects that fall under this broad theme. I don’t pretend to have anything scintillatingly new to say; I don’t even pretend to have a thorough grounding in what has already been said, at least not yet. This is about me exploring the territory and sharing what I find.


My own “thing,” my main thing anyway, is writing fiction. Literature is also my subject of study. So that is where I start, and where I am most interested in learning more. Conveniently, writers often have a lot to say about writing.

And Craft

Some years ago, as a graduate student, in the midst of a dissertation on medieval poetry, writing stories in my spare time, I felt the need to take up a hobby that didn’t involve words. So I bought a sewing machine. Later I unintentionally took up knitting. I used to cook with an experimental flair when I lived with friends; then I lived alone for a number of years and all but lost interest in cooking. Now, newly married, I am rediscovering the satisfaction—and the creative fulfillment—of preparing good food.

About Me

My name is Alice Degan. I’m an Anglo-Catholic with several university degrees: in English, Shakespeare, and Medieval Studies. I wrote a dissertation on privacy in stories of illicit love (you can hear me talking about it here). I have started many creative projects and finished some of them. I live in Toronto.

A picture of me

I am, in fact, a medieval person.


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